Steve Madden Music Project
rebrand + event design

Rebranded Steve Madden’s Music Project. Created new design guidelines and overall identity for the concert series. Oversaw production and installation of all deliverables. 

Video: Victoria Ng
Photos: Kenny Rodriguez

American Society of Reclamation Sciences 
brand identity

Designed new identity for the American Society of Reclamation Science, a non profit dedicated to reclaming land altered by the mining industry. 

rebrand + lookbook design + art direction
Designed and developed rebrand for Steven, a New York based fashion company. Worked on art and photo direction for product imagery.

University of Connecticut; 
The Werth Institute
brand identity

Designed and developed new identity for the University of Connecticut’s entrepreneural institute, The Werth Institute.

lookbook design
Designed all lookbooks (2018-current) for Fisch, a swimwear company that aims to ‘help to keep waste out of the ocean by up-cycling.’